Taking first steps…

Welcome to the Black Boot Company!

We’re a “household” – an unofficial group of people organized together for a purpose – in the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism).

If you’re not sure what that is, we’re here to help!  In fact, that’s our purpose for being a household: to not only help introduce people to the SCA, but to help newcomers get to know the SCA’s terms and traditions, to share research and resources on how to do all of the things that we do in the SCA and, hopefully, meet up at activities and events and be there in person to experience everything the SCA has to offer while being ready with an explanation or anything else that’s needed.

If you have any specific questions or are looking for something in particular, feel free to contact us or use the search field to the right to see if we might have written about it on the site.  We’re all here to help, and we were all new once 🙂

Feel free to browse through our links and articles, read about our household members and, if we can help you get involved or answer any questions about what we all do in the SCA, let us know!

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